Metro Exodus Showcases Its Weaponry in New Trailer

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Metro games? If you said the Librarians, I’ll forgive you, because that’s the same thing that I picture, but the real answer should be very different, as the latest Metro Exodus trailer can attest to.

Yes, the real answer was very simple, weird weaponry that truly looks like something cobbled up by a band of ragtag survivors living underground after a nuclear war devastated the surface of the world. Of course, 4A Games knows this (after all, they are the ones in charge of adapting Dmitry Glukhovsky’s excellent novels), and they’ve just released a great video showcasing the arsenal at our disposal once Metro Exodus hits PC and consoles on February 15th.
Damn, I really NEED that four-barreled shotgun in my life.

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