Million to One Hero Will Let Players Create Their Own Odyssey

On the surface, Million to One Hero looks like yet another pixel-art platformer. The art style is neat, and the gameplay feels tight and challenging, but there isn’t a lot to separate it from other games in the same genre. Thankfully, as the trailer we’ve shared below reveals, Over the Top Games‘ upcoming title has an ace up its sleeve, as the game will ship with a fully featured in-game editor that has the potential to let players create all-new adventures with their own quests, NPC’s and dialogues.

Million to One Hero proposes an eccentric pixelated platformer in a world of mythological creatures, Greek gods and mortal feats. But now, the player can decide whether to become a great hero capable of overcoming glorious challenges… or if they prefer to be the perverse mind behind them.

The in-game editor of Million to One Hero goes a step beyond just level creation: players can use it to create their own adventures. From creating quests, adding NPC’s and dialogs to playing with the music or the climate of each level, the multiple creation and narrative tools allow players to create their own stories and share them with the rest of the world. An example of all these possibilities is the trailer itself, which was designed entirely with the editor.

There’s no release date for Million to One Hero, but players interested in the game can now wishlist it on Steam.

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