Modder Creates Boss Rush Mode for Dark Souls

A talented modder known as Wulf2k has just released a Boss Rush mode for the original Dark Souls on PC. The modification is still in development, so bugs are to be expected, but players can already try to beat all but one of the game’s bosses (Bed of Chaos is currently not available) with one life. Accomplished Souls veterans may even choose to run through the gauntlet in reverse, starting with the hardest bosses and finishing with the easier ones.


Some quick notes:

The developer recommends capping the game to 30 frames per second for now, as some testers have run into issues while playing at 60fps.

Bed of Chaos is currently unavailable.

Wulf2k says that we should not attempt to use their mod with a character we care about, as the modification may leave that savegame unusable.

Run the executable file with admin privileges if it refuses to attach itself to Dark Souls: PTD.

The souls counter at the end of the Boss Rush will mark your final time (lower is better).


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