Modders Add Horde Mode to DOOM Eternal

If you are anything like me, then the second the DOOM Eternal campaign ended, you probably went back and tried the Master Level that was available from the start. Pretty challenging, huh? What’s that, you want more of that sort of mayhem? Well, then you are in luck, as modders proteh and Solart have created a Horde Mode modification that lets you fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies while you build up your arsenal once more. Who knows, they might beat id at throwing two Marauders at once at your face!

The installation process is relatively straightforward, but you should remember that entering Battlemode while this (or any other) mod is active is a big no-no, as you could get flagged as a cheater and suffer punishment for it.

2 thoughts on “Modders Add Horde Mode to DOOM Eternal

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