Model Builder Brings Scale Model Building to Steam Next Year

I can’t believe I missed the Model Builder trailer when it went live last month, as it looks like the kind of thing I’ve been dreaming of for the past few years. Scale model building is an expensive hobby that not only requires a good deal of time, but also copious amounts of cash for the kits, paint, etc. (plus, a good workspace). With Model Builder, developers Moonlit S.A. plan to offer a quite detailed virtual scale model building experience that will not only be a great way to experience the hobby without spending a lot of cash, but can also be used to practice before moving on to the real thing (and I really need some practice, as the half-finished remains of the plastic Titanic I last attempted to build can attest to).

In Model Builder, it is all up to players what will be presented on their virtual display shelves. The model building process consists of two parts – in the first one players need to follow the instructions, while in the second they can unleash their creativity. Every model will require a different approach. The gained experience will allow players to use more complicated tools and the final look and presentation of the models will be purely up to them.

Just because it’s virtual, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Model Builder makes the assembly process as challenging, as it is in real life. From choosing which machine to build next, through adjusting parts and customizing them, the construction of the models will require a lot of patience and won’t be forgiving. Nevertheless – the satisfaction that comes from improving your skills and finishing the model will be very real, just as the noticeable progress.

The experience doesn’t end once the model is done. After you put it on a display, you can have even more fun, because every machine can tell a unique story. Bragging with your finished models means much more than just putting them on a shelf – they are made for a greater purpose of storytelling, that’s completely dependent on you and your imagination. How are you going to position them? Which model will play the main role? What will the whole scene look like? The possibilities are endless.

From the very beginning, the game will offer a huge variety of models to choose from and unlock, with more to come in post-release updates. Just as the model kits, more advanced tools will get unlocked during in-game progress. The gameplay will require a solid commitment from players, as all of the tools are designed to work in the same as in real life. All of the hard work will be rewarded after the presentation of finished models. However, there’s no need to be too serious about it the whole time. You messed something up along the way, but still want to see what the result will be if you stop following the instructions? You can surprise not only yourself but also everyone who sees your finished work!

The game is dedicated to everyone who is in any way interested in building scale models. No matter if they were never given a chance to try it, they don’t have enough spare time or resources to develop their interest, or are just looking for a new way to express their creativity. In this workshop, everyone is welcome!

I don’t know about you, but that description makes me want to buy this thing right now. Sadly, it’s not yet available, and we’ll have to wait until Q4 2020 in order to get our virtual hands on it. Meanwhile, all we can do is add the game to our Steam wishlists.

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