No Man’s Sky Enhanced Edition: 5 mods that will improve your experience

August 12 marked the PC release of the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky. Sadly, the gargantuan space exploration game didn’t meet users’ expectations, and it seems that PC gamers are abandoning their galactic quest in order to pursue other goals (such as thwarting global conspiracies in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or living out their ninja fantasies in N++) Luckily, modders haven’t abandoned Hello Games‘ latest release, and they are working against the clock to enhance No Man’s Sky, and turn it into something more palatable for space exploration enthusiasts.

Here at Gaming on PC we also expected a bit more from No Man’s Sky, so we decided to take some mods out for a ride and report back with a list of five modifications that can enhance your experience significantly.

Number zeroNo Man’s Savegame Manager


Tinkering with game altering mods can affect your saved games. That’s why we recommend installing this tool BEFORE anything else. Engineered by a modder known as leepfrog, the No Man’s Savegame Manager creates backups of every save point reached while the tool is running, letting gamers restore earlier savegames if the current one gets corrupted, for instance.

Number oneMore Creatures


Another self explanatory mod, Pamehabai6‘s creation lets players tweak the amount of creatures they can find on a planet’s surface. Be warned, this mod can affect your performance, and Pamehabai6 says that you shouldn’t go further than 2x the original amount of creatures, as going beyond that number will have noticeable negative effects on your gaming experience.

Number twoBigger Creatures


One of the most common complaints that people have voiced regarding No Man’s Sky‘s creature generation algorithm is that big specimens are really rare. Thanks to our old friend Pamehabai6, this isn’t an issue anymore.

The Bigger Creatures mod changes creature sizes, making big animals a more common sight when exploring the game’s planets. Players who wish to experiment with different sizes can also do that using this mod.

Number threeDenser Forests


Say goodbye to sparsely forested planets with modder madvillain‘s fantastic creation. This mod lets players tweak the density of the game’s forests, aiming for a far more immersive experience.

Number fourLowflight by Hytek


One of the most infuriating aspects of No Man’s Sky‘s vanilla experience is that the game restricts the player’s ability to fly freely, preventing crashes, underwater landings, ground level flight, etc. Thankfully, mod creator Hytek decided that he had enough of that, and released this essential modification. With Hytek’s Lowflight, gamers can now fly as low as they wish, and even pilot their spaceship underwater. Users who crave a faster flight experience can also use it in conjunction with Hytek’s QuickFlight mod.

Number fiveFast Actions


Tired of holding mouse click to complete actions in No Man’s Sky? Modder Shadwar is here to help. The Fast Actions mod removes the tedious “hold x to complete” requirement for all ingame actions. Now you only need to click normally, as you would in every other game, and can use that saved time to chart the galaxy instead.


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