Morphies Law Is Now out on Steam with Full Switch Crossplay Support

In today’s crowded gaming landscape, if you want to have a good shot at relevance when releasing a multiplayer shooter and you don’t have the insane marketing budgets that giants like EA or Activision spend every month, there’s nothing better than making something truly unique and weird. At least that seems to be what Cosmoscope GmbH were thinking when they decided to work on Morphies Law, a wacky take on multiplayer combat that eschews almost everything we know about shooters in order to try something new and exciting, as our avatars will take away mass from their enemies with each shot (and of course lose it when we get shot), creating a novel gameplay loop that can change with every confrontation.

Interested? Well, have I got good news for you then! There’s a free demo that lets you play against people who own the full version of this gem (though if you get past the thirty minutes mark, sounds will become fart-y in nature). Oh, and if you are not sold already (you mad person!), know that there’s crossplay with Nintendo Switch players and that you can actually purchase the game piecemeal from within the demo (for instance, buying back the game’s sounds instead of the fart-y version that you get after 30 minutes of playtime). Pretty cool, eh? I’m a big fan of demo players being able to compete against full version owners, as it’s a great way of sidestepping the population problem indie multiplayer titles often encounter at launch (there’s also a Vs. AI mode, so Morphies Law shouldn’t be dying anytime soon, but it’s always nice to know that you can play against humans too).

Morphies Law is a wacky mass stealing, robot morphing 3D shooter with a simple basic law: when you get hit others, they shrink and you grow.
This unique mechanic balances the game by making skilled players become big and easy to hit, whereas beginners shrink until they become difficult targets.

Take your Morphie into combat to honor the long-gone humans that created them in this Day of the Dead inspired robo-combat festival! Customize your Morphie’s guns, abilities and appearance so you can get out there and swipe some mass! Fight for size superiority on battlefields that bring their own twists to combat! Oil slicks, rocket fuel, giant fans, trap rooms, crumbling walls, the Morphies have it all.

Key Features

  • Morphing robots: the Morphies have 8 body parts that grow and shrink individually, and each body part has a direct effect on your actions.
  • Plugins for your body: each body part has a unique Plugin to help you change your strategy. Unlock new Plugins to create new strategies!
  • Make your own weapons: you can unlock weapon parts and combine them at will to make the perfect weapon for you! There are 77 possible weapon combinations!
  • Unique game modes: 4 mass-based game modes with different goals but with one thing in common: size always matters more than kills!
  • Maps with unique features: each of the 8 maps has a unique mass-related feature that’ll make it different from the rest!
  • Customize your Morphie: make your Morphie truly unique! You can choose from premade options, make your own custom ones and much more!

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