Mortal Kombat XL out Now on PC

As we anticipated last month, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros have just released the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat XL on PC.

This updated version of Mortal Kombat X brings many essential enhancements, such as the introduction of GGPO netcode and a reworked port handled by by renowned porting house QLOC (of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and God Eater fame, among other excellent PC versions of console games)

Gamers who already own Mortal Kombat X can enjoy the new features at no extra cost. Fighting game fans interested in the Kombat Pack 2 will be happy to learn that it’s out today as well, and it’s being discounted to US$ 9.99 until October 10th (the base price is US$ 19.99)

Kombat Pack 2 grants access to 4 new playable characters, as well as previously released content including Goro, Kold War Skin Pack and 2 Klassic Fatality Packs. New characters include Horror icon Leatherface, and the Xenomorph from Alien . Bo’ Rai Cho and Triborg the Cyber Ninja complete the offer. Also includes the Apocalypse Pack with three new character skins.

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