Music Fan? Here’s a Behind the Scenes Look at the Iron Harvest Soundtrack

If you are like me, chances are that you looked up the Iron Harvest soundtrack right after starting the ongoing Pre-Season Open Beta. Yeah, the game’s music is THAT good. Apparently, Deep Silver and KING Art Games realized that there was a lot of interest in this particular soundtrack, so they’ve just released a new video where composers Adam Skorupa and Michal Cielecki talk about their inspirations for this beautiful piece of art, and their reasons for choosing very different tunes for each faction.

If you wish to get your hands on the digital soundtrack, you can get it for free with a Steam pre-order (I’m assuming it’ll be sold separately after release). If you want to go with a physical copy instead, then head over to this URL, where you can pre-purchase a vinyl copy for 19.99 Euros (and there should be a CD option later, if I remember correctly)

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