My Friend Pedro Gets Free Code Yellow Update

It’s been a few months since My Friend Pedro lit the Steam charts on fire so you’d be forgiven for thinking the developer has moved on to their next project. You would also be wrong, since today, DeadToast Entertainment and Devolver Digital have just launched a free update for the balls to the walls parkour shooter, adding 14 unlockable game modifiers and other nice things to spice up the action even more. Oh, and the game is 30% off until October 20th, so this might be a good time to pick it up if you haven’t done so until now.

Here’s a very yellowy trailer:


Added 14 unlockable Game Modifiers – found throughout the story:

  • All weapons
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Recoil
  • Player Bullet Speed
  • Enemy Bullet Speed
  • One-Shot Enemies
  • One-Shot Player
  • Infinite Focus
  • Focus Speed
  • Player Speed
  • Big Heads
  • Player Size
  • Cinematic Focus Camera
  • Side-On Camera

Added optional in-game timer showing current level time and full run time.

Added ability to hide HUD.

Added ability to turn off checkpoints.

Added re-mappable keyboard shortcut for restarting level

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