Nautical Adventure Make Sail Coming to Early Access on March 30

Looks like 2018 will be known as the digital Age of Sail. First, Sailaway left its comfy Early Access port, sailing the open seas of the Steam store last month, then Sea of Thieves let us experience the life of a pirate last week, and now Popcannibal have revealed that their physics construction adventure Make Sail will test the Early Access waters on March 30th.

Make Sail sets players loose on a fantastical world ruled by realistic physics. A robust ship building mechanic will let us create sailboats that must endure the force of the wind and the fury of the ocean (both powered by an advanced simulation engine) as we sail from island to island in search of more items to customize our craft.

Most video game boats are sluggish cars that ignore the wind. Our boats are wild horses of your own design, rooted in real physics, crafted to challenge the elements, chariots fit for the sea gods! They also break up and sink a lot. It’s fun. 

Ziba Scott, Developer

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