Necropolis gets Brutal Edition total overhaul, sale

Harebrained Schemes released Necropolis: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve in July, and while the action RPG roguelike fared well in the sales department, its reception has been mixed. Thankfully, the people working at Harebrained Schemes were listening to their fans, and today we’ll get a Brutal Edition that fixes most problems people had with the game’s original release, and adds a ton of new content.

Brutal Edition changes:

  • A formidable new playable character, the Brute!
  • A completely new wintery outdoor biome to explore, the Black Forest
  • Over 50 additional procedural environment modules that expand existing gameplay
  • Deadly new enemies, spawning, and AI behaviors
  • New Loot! Weapons, armor sets, magic scrolls, potions, and more
  • Revised weapon and magical codex descriptions that expose more game functionality
  • A large assortment of game balance adjustments and polish in single-player and co-op modes


The Necropolis: Brutal Edition update will be free, and the developers have decided to run a 20% off discount in order to celebrate the expansion’s release, knocking US$ 5.99 off the game’s US$ 29.99 retail price.

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