New mod for GTA V lets players catch pedestrians with Poke Balls

In a hilarious reminder of the PC platform’s ability to produce gaming content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, a talented modder has implemented a system to catch pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto V with tools that act as Poke Balls.

The ingenious mod lets players throw a Poke Ball at any character in the game world, and catch them as if they were Pokemon. In order to trap tougher opponents, gamers must weaken them first (using normal GTA V interactions like punching them in the face or pumping them full of lead) Foes that haven’t been weakened have a high chance of breaking free from your Poke Balls, wasting them in the process.

As of right now the mod is still early in development, and InfamousSabre, the modification’s developer, says that there are plenty of kinks to be solved before he can consider it as polished as his usual work.


Mod author’s description:

Catch your foes with Poke Balls then release them and have them fight on your side. You’ll need to weaken whatever you want to catch, otherwise they’ll break free and destroy the Poke Ball. The tougher the opponent, the more you’ll have to weaken them. Unfortunately this doesnt work well in GTA V because peds like to randomly die from something as small as being slapped in the face. You get 6 balls, and as of now there is no way to get more.

This script is nowhere near finished and as such doesn’t have the level of polish I like to put into my work. However it’s fun to mess around with at this point and I’m not really interested in finishing it anymore. I wouldn’t normally release something in this state, but I feel it’s selfish to keep it to myself. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.

Source: gta-5mods

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