New Retro FPS Hell Hunt Revealed

Looking for a new retro shooter? If that hunger needs to be sated right now and you’ve already beaten Amid Evil, DUSK and Ion Fury, then I’d point you in the direction of the New Blood Interactive Discord server so you can get your hands on the DUSK SDK and start making your own fun. But if you can wait for a bit longer, then let me introduce you to Hell Hunt, a new retro shooter created by a one-person team (T19 Games) and revealed last Christmas (yes, I missed the reveal back then). And then go back to the New Blood Discord, you don’t want to miss on the mod goodness that’s about to start.

Looks and sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? (Though of course it could use some Andrew Hulshult goodness). The shotgun seems perfectly tuned, and I’m a big fan of the revolver (which, according to the dev, is based on the Smight & Wesson Model 3, a personal favorite of mine in its Schofield variant). The trailer says “2020” so I expect we’ll get more news on the game’s release date this year (and I’d encourage all FPS fans to follow the developer’s Twitter account, as they have been posting cool snippets of footage there)

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