No Code Teams up with Devolver Digital for Sci-Fi Thriller Observation

Exciting days for sci-fi fans ahead! No Code, creators of the exquisitely terrifying Stories Untold (which happens to be on sale for 75% off for the next eleven hours), announced this week that they are partnering with Devolver Digital once again, in order to bring a new sci-fi thriller into this world, titled Observation and starring an advanced artificial intelligence.

As a sentient AI named S.A.M., we’ll try to piece together what happened to the missing crew of the space station Observation. Cameras, control systems and other tools will assist us during our journey of discovery, and along the way we’ll also have to help guide a human astronaut (Dr. Emma Fisher) as she tries to piece together the same puzzle we’re trying to figure out (those pesky humans always get in the way!).

Observation should arrive on PC and PlayStation 4 in Spring 2019.

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