No Man’s Sky PC patch notes detailed

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has posted the patch notes for the last three PC updates for their space exploration game.

The most important fix is that AMD Phenom processors can now run the game (as opposed to just crashing to the desktop on launch, as it was the case in the release version) This change was introduced in an experimental patch (which we reported here) and it’s now on the main branch as well.

The second most important feature of their last three updates is that they’ve managed to improve the game’s performance (though it still has stuttering issues with some hardware combinations) While this isn’t something that is addressed in Hello Games‘ patch notes, here at Gaming on PC we would like to let people know that older Nvidia GPUs may benefit from using the previous driver set, instead of the latest Game Ready drivers, as performance seems to have suffered for those who aren’t running 10xx series GPUs with the latest drivers.

Finally, the Hello Games team has been working on stability issues and game breaking bugs, such as being trapped on space stations with no way to get out.

You can read the patch notes in detail here.

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