ORION: Prelude Will No Longer Be Free-To-Play

ORION: Prelude (originally launched as ORION: Dino Beatdown and also known as ORION: Dino Horde) will no longer be free-to-play from October 24th onwards, and it will cost US$ 0.99 instead. David Prassel, Founder and Director of Trek Industries (the development team behind the ORION franchise) said that they had to take this difficult decision after seeing the player numbers drop, a strange phenomenon that not only affected the free-to-play title, but also his company’s premium offering, The ORION Project.

Mr. Prassel says that this reversion to a premium base model for ORION: Prelude will let his company be in a healthy position and support the product with multiplayer hosting and bug fixes. Users who acquired the title for free will be able to keep it, as long as they do not uninstall it.

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