Overwatch will probably get a free trial in the near future

Overpwn.com, an Overwatch fan site that routinely scans the game’s data for new information has revealed that Overwatch may be getting a free trial mode in the near future.

The dataminers found a series of strings that strongly hint at the existence of a trial mode (which would make a lot of sense, considering that Blizzard‘s games usually offer that functionality)

  • Sorry, the Overwatch Free Trial is not available at this time
  • Group members using trial cannot enter competitive play.
  • Not available for trial.

Looks like trial players wouldn’t be able to play the Competitive mode, but they would be able to group up with people using the full version of the game and play Quick Matches with them. The new series of strings also reveal that other features may be unavailable for trial mode users, and that the trial may be a limited time feature.

Source: Overpwn

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