Overwatch’s Halloween Update Is Now Live

The eagerly anticipated Overwatch Halloween Update has finally been released, and gamers can now enjoy the all new 4 player co-op mode and the new horror themed skins.


No patch notes have been released so far, but the Halloween skins can be purchased with ingame credits, showing that Blizzard listens to their fans, as this has been a highly requested feature after the latest special event items were only available from Loot Boxes.


The cooperative horde mode pits four players against waves of “zomnics” controlled by Dr. Junkenstein. The human team must defend a door from the robotic hordes, and more powerful enemies may attack from time to time, such as a corrupted version of Reaper or a zombified Roadhog.

The mad Doctor Junkenstein taunts the human defenders.

The mad Doctor Junkenstein taunts the human defenders.

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