People who abuse Lúcioball character swap glitch may be punished, says Blizzard

Lúcioball, Overwatch‘s new Olympics inspired Brawl Mode, has a nasty glitch that lets cheeky players change character and kill others (the game mode has been designed with just Lúcio in mind, and no murder should be involved in it)

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums today and explained that his team is trying to fix the glitch, but has been unsuccessful so far. He also wrote that players abusing this bug may get punished for doing so.

Apologies for this bug. We’ve attempted to fix it numerous times and have had unrelated issues preventing the fix. We hope to have a fix this week.

In the meantime, we are in discussions with our Customer Support group to start taking action against those deliberately using the bug to play heroes other than Lucio.

Please do not exploit this bug. Fair warning.

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