Petroglyph Is Making a C&C Renegade Spiritual Succesor

Command & Conquer: Renegade fan patiently waiting for a sequel that might never materialize? Petroglyph might have you covered next year, as they’ve just revealed Earthbreakers, a sci-fi RTS/FPS hybrid that builds upon Renegade’s multiplayer mode.

Since it’s not a Command & Conquer title we won’t have Nod vs. GDI shenanigans, but there’s a resource that looks suspiciously similar to Tiberium, and most of the game mechanics seem to be improvements on Renegade‘s. Sadly there won’t be a single player campaign (though the game will ship with bot support, so at least we can practice offline before taking the fight to other real humans).

Earthbreakers is a team-based PvP multiplayer game which combines the most enjoyable elements of FPS and RTS! You and your team battle for territory and harvest rare resources, while building and customizing your team’s base. Choose an infantry combat class, defend your base and supply lines, construct and pilot powerful military vehicles, and ultimately annihilate the enemy’s HQ!

According to its Steam store page, Earthbreakers should be released next year.

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