Phantom Abyss Just Got a Huge Update and a 25% Off Sale

Phantom Abyss‘ tomb raiding days are far from over, as developers Team WIBY have just unleashed the Overturned Update, adding a wealth of new content as well as fixes for the issues players have reported over the past few weeks.

In order to celebrate the occasion, the game will be on sale for 25% off all week, so this is as good a time as any if you were itching to jump in. I quite enjoyed my time with the preview build back in June, so you can bet I’ll be diving back in to check the new stuff that has been added.

The Overturned Update adds twenty eight new chambers (all with their corresponding traps, of course) as well as rotating rooms that quite literally turn the game on its head. Not enough for you? The developers have also tuned the Adventurer’s Basic Whip, so now players can’t ever lose it, apparently. Of course, additions are never the only thing we get when it comes to Early Access games, so Phantom Abyss‘ latest patch also fixes connection issues, improves back-end stability and adds new visual cues to trap doors and other areas of the game that the community found lacking.

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