Play Doom Like It’s DUSK With Doosk

DUSK has been getting tons of praise since it came out in 2018, and for good reason, since it’s one of the best shooters ever made in my humble opinion. Still, when it comes to fan tributes, there isn’t anything better than getting a Doom mod based on your game. And wouldn’t you know it, that Doom mod based on DUSK is now a thing, as developer Alpha Entertainments recently released Doosk, a work of art that lets you play Doom with DUSK‘s weapons, movement system, and some of its game mechanics.

Are you worthy? Download GZDoom (1.8.06+) or LZDoom (3.8.2+), set up your IWADs, then head over to the Doosk Mod DB page, get your hands on the Doosk file, put everything together, and use the included .bat files to launch the mod. If you don’t want to go hunting for GZDoom or LZDoom, there are copies of usable versions of said source ports in the Doosk file you’ll get from Mod DB.

What are some of the features the mod offers?

* A flashlight, to see in those dark places. (requires OpenGL renderer ’cause of dynamic lights)
* A custom hud that accurately recreates the looks from the original.
* Achievements, so you can brag with your friends about how you’ve completed go 2 it without getting injured or how you’ve killed all monsters on nuts using only sickles =P
* A crossbow that goes through enemies… and walls.
* Sickles/sword deflection, time to give them a taste of their own medicine.
* Intruder mode: For those who seek some extra challenge.
* Game mutators. To modify the way the game behaves and memes.
* Fast fire totem. Double the speed, triple the fun.
* Throwable barrels/soap: Just pick them up and throw them away =P
* Custom Doosk cheats: Open the console and type some Dusk cheats then press enter and see the magic.
* Dusk Movement: An optional addon made by Ivory Duke, this will allow you to move in a similar fashion to the original Dusk game. Strafejump and bunnyhop at will. Requires modern sourceports, like LZDoom or GZDoom 3.8.2 to work properly.

And more…

If all of that isn’t enough to get the Doosk files into your hard drive, then consider the possibility of Big John being bigger than usual (something something Icon of Sin).

6 thoughts on “Play Doom Like It’s DUSK With Doosk

      • I was referring purely to the gameplay, like the historic usage of the term “DOOM clone” to refer to any FPS. DUSK plays like Quake and in my opinion Quake’s gameplay had not aged well compared to that of DOOMs.
        For the record I played both DOOM (1, 2 & 64) & Quake (1 & 2) for the first time last year and was majorly disappointed by Quake after enjoy DOOM so much. Although Quake eldritch theme was interesting, shame they ditched it in the sequel.

        • Oooh, then you are totally right, my bad! I would say that DUSK has some other things going for it in its defense though (atmosphere/horror aspect), but otherwise yup, it does indeed play like Quake.
          And yes, a new Quake with the theme of the original would have been amazing (I’m actually secretly hoping that we might get that after DOOM Eternal)

          • Well, if we got proper mod tools instead of the painfully limited SnapMap, then could be done by fans (I know SnapMap was good for average players, but didn’t help those familiar with using the old GTK Radiant editor). A new era of idTech mods would be amazing.

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