Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will still be an old gen port on PC

pes2017_visualAs football videogame fans who mainly game on PC may already know, Konami‘s Pro Evolution series has a history of underwhelming ports on PC. Sadly, against all expectations, this trend will continue (at least for the upcoming PES 2017) and PC gamers will once again get a gimped experience that can’t take full advantage of the platform.

Pro Evolution Soccer Global Product and Brand Manager Adam Bhatti has confirmed that the PC version of PES 2017 will be using PS3/Xbox360 assets (though it obviously supports higher resolutions and framerates than those seen on last gen consoles)

This news comes at a time when it’s been confirmed that EA‘s FIFA series will use the industry leading Frostbite engine for its new titles on both PC and current gen consoles.


Source: Adam Bhatti’s Twitter account

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