Quadrilateral Cowboy gets Steam Workshop support

Blendo Games, known for Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving (among other marvelous creations) has announced that their recently released hacking adventure game Quadrilateral Cowboy now features Steam Workshop Support.

Creative players can now upload their own custom levels or modifications, so other gamers may get to experience them. The development team has also provided a very useful mod creation handbook, which you may find here.


Quadrilateral Cowboy runs on a modified version of id Software’s id Tech 4, and Blendo Games has been incredibly supportive of the indie development scene, going as far as sharing their latest creation’s source code.

In order to upload a modification to Quadrilateral Cowboy‘s Steam Workshop, gamers must use the upload tool available at: Steam Library > Tools > Quadrilateral Cowboy Workshop Uploader

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