Quantum Break’s Windows Store version won’t be updated to support DirectX 11 (Up: now it will!)

Update: 13 August, 2016

Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy Entertainment, now says that gamers misunderstood his original tweets, and the Windows Store version of the game WILL get the same updates as the Steam port.

Original story follows

As you may have read yesterday, Quantum Break is getting a Steam release, and it will support Windows 7. That’s good news for PC gaming fans, since Remedy’s latest game is now free from the shackles of the restrictive Universal App Platform, but what does it mean for people who already bought the game on the Windows Store at release?

Will they get a Steam code to benefit from the less restricted re-release? Will the Windows Store version be updated to support DirectX 11?

Sadly, the answer is no to both, according to Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy Entertainment.

Here at Gaming on PC we understand the frustration that those who bought the game at launch must be experiencing. They were told that the game wouldn’t be released on any other store and now it’s coming to Steam (with performance improvements, since Mr. Puha says that the company has been working on this re-release for a while, and has more experience with DirectX 11 titles) yet now they are stuck with an under performing version of the game, on a platform that they may not have chosen to support if not for the promise of exclusivity. Hopefully, Microsoft will rethink their approach to situations like this one in the future, because right now this is a mess.

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