Raiders of the Broken Planet Gets Free Prologue, September 22 Launch Date

Mercury Steam Entertainment announced today that their upcoming asymmetric multiplayer shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet will be out on September 22nd.

A free Prologue campaign, including two missions across four stages, multiple characters to play and unlimited access to both singleplayer and multiplayer modes will be available at launch, as well as the game’s first paid content release, a campaign titled Alien Myths which will cost US$ 9.99 and add new characters, missions a standalone story that further fleshes out the world of Raiders of the Broken Planet.

The developer also announced that three extra campaigns will follow Alien Myths after the game is out, Hades Betrayal, Council’s Apocalypse and Wardog Fury, all offering standalone story content that can be played in any order.

Raiders‘ interesting take on multiplayer combat lets four players take up arms as heroes and attempt to complete a variety of missions while a fifth tries to hunt them down as the Antagonist.


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