Raiders of the Broken Planet Open Beta Now Live on Steam

MercurySteam Entertainment‘s Raiders of the Broken Planet is now in Open Beta, ahead of its September 22nd launch date.

Players can complete a solo mission focused on Harec, the leader of the Raiders, plus a single/multiplayer scenario that also includes the game’s innovative Antagonist mode, letting four players take on the AI while a fifth joins the enemy forces to try and take down the heroes.

The Open Beta will run for two days, starting today and ending tomorrow, September 16th.


I am so excited for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players to finally try out the Prologue. The open beta is free to download and will allow players to experience the crazy adventure we want to take them on. We hope everyone enjoys the first two missions alongside some of the team who will also be online this weekend. And don’t be afraid to play as the Antagonist – it’s good to be bad sometimes!

Enric Álvarez, Co-Owner of MercurySteam

Raiders of the Broken Planet will be out on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next Friday, September 22nd. A free Prologue will let players get acquainted with the game’s cast of heroes, and a US$ 9.99 DLC campaign will also be available on that date.

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