Rambo (2014) Developers Working on Terminator: Resistance

Reef Entertainment and Teyon announced today that they are working on Terminator: Resistance, a new licensed game in the storied movie franchise, due for release on December 3rd (or November 15, the European and US trailers have different dates on them, which is weird in today’s digital landscape).

If the developers’ names ring a bell, then that’s because they were behind Rambo The Video Game, a 2014 on-rail shooter that wasn’t particularly well received (although I must confess that I had fun with it).

Going back to Terminator: Resistance, it would seem that this time around we’ll get a fully-fledged single player first person shooter and not just an on-rails title, though I haven’t seen any official confirmation and I’m just guessing as much from the reveal trailer that you can watch below (there’s also a mention of stealth mechanics in the description of the game, plus multiple endings, but they actually implemented something similar to sneaking around in Rambo, so it’s not a confirmation that Terminator won’t be an on-rails title).

Terminator: Resistance
 is an officially licensed, first-person shooter set during the ‘Future War’ scenario that was only glimpsed at in the iconic films from James Cameron, ‘THE TERMINATOR’ and ‘T2: JUDGMENT DAY’. 

This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, nearly 30 years after Judgement Day, and stars a brand new hero in the Terminator universe, Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the Resistance led by John Connor. Despite the fact that Jacob is just a lowly private, he’ll soon discover that he’s been specifically targeted by the latest threat from Skynet and marked for termination!

Skynet may be destined to lose the war, but at what cost to Jacob? Experience the events leading up to the decisive final battle for the fate of mankind in the war against the machines!

Key features:

Resist the machines! Fight against a selection of iconic enemies from the films, including the T-800, as well as a host of enemies that are brand new to the Terminator universe.

Equip an arsenal of plasma weaponry to run and gun or sneak and hack through sprawling environments! The world isn’t as forgiving as it used to be so you’ll need to search for scraps to trade and craft.

Choose the kind of hero you want to be by levelling up your skills while exploring post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles. Complete story missions to rise through the ranks of the Resistance as well as side-quests to help your friends. 

Change the fate of mankind! Protect a motley crew of survivors, each with their own motivations and backstories. The actions you take throughout the game will impact their survival and change the ending you get.

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