Realistic Military Shooters Meet Alien Threats in Arma 3 Contact

I have to say that I would have never expected to write the following words: Bohemia Interactive revealed today that the next Arma 3 expansion will be centered around their spin on a first contact scenario. Titled Arma 3 Contact, this substantial piece of DLC will not only offer a fully featured singleplayer campaign exploring this first contact storyline, but also a new 163 km2 map, two new factions, five new weapons, two new vehicles, and extra gear options.

Arma fans will be able to experience first contact on July 25th, and there is a 10% off pre-order offer that brings the expansion’s price down to US$25.19.

What if humanity suddenly encounters extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth? Bohemia Interactive presents: Arma 3 Contact – a spin-off expansion about the most important discovery in the history of mankind. As a soldier deployed to Livonia’s militarized Nadbór region, you will be among the first to study our alien visitors and determine their intentions. However, amid the tension and chaos, armed conflict inevitably unfolds. Arma 3 Contact’s military science fiction campaign arrives together with a massive new terrain, and introduces new factions, weapons, vehicles, outfits, equipment, and more to the wider Arma 3 sandbox.

Don’t own Arma 3? Bohemia Interactive is offering a nice discount for users who wish to purchase Arma 3 Contact along with the base game.

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