Rebellion Announces Evil Genius 2

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley announced today that Evil Genius 2 is in development. The sequel to the acclaimed 2004 super villain simulator (which is currently on sale for 75% off) will be a fully fledged sequel, and it’s being developed primarily for PC.

Evil Genius 2 is still in early development, and Rebellion will use their in-house Asura engine to power a real-time strategy game for the first time (so far their engine has been exclusively confined to shooters) so no release date is in sight.

Evil Genius fans may remember that Rebellion toyed with the possibility of a crowdfunded sequel back in 2013 but nothing came of it. According to Mr. Kingsley, the company was in the middle of a big transition into becoming their own publisher, so they had to put all their resources into projects such as Zombie Army Trilogy, Battlezone VR and Sniper Elite 3 and 4. The success of these titles meant that Rebellion is in a position where they can devote cash and time to a fully fledged Evil Genius sequel, without having to ask fans for their money in advance.

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