Red Dawn Meets Terminator in Avalanche’s Generation Zero, Coming to PC in 2019

Avalanche Studios has just revealed Generation Zero, a singleplayer/co-op open world shooter set in an alternate 1980s Sweden overrun by hostile machines.

According to the announcement trailer we shared above, gamers will have to utilize “battle tested guerrilla tactics” in order to take back their world from the oppressive metal claws of the machines. Human uprisings need numbers, apparently, so we’ll be able to play with up to three friends should we decide we require a bit more assistance in our quest, though the trailer also confirms that playing solo is a viable alternative.

Social-minded players will be able to revive their friends and share loot after defeating the robotic menace, and a skill combination system will ensure that there’s more to co-op than just more guns. Speaking about the latter, the development team promises simulated ballistics and highly realistic acoustics powered by their in-house Apex engine.

Enemies will have a purpose, roaming the world with their own objectives and still carrying on with whatever scars we might have inflicted on them, so it shouldn’t be hard to find robots missing chunks of their armor, weapons, or even sensory equipment, as everything is persistent.

Generation Zero should be out in 2019, and players who do not own a PC will be able to enjoy this open world title anyway, as it will also support Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles.

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