RiME Has Been Cracked, Developers Will Drop Denuvo

Tequila Works‘ critically acclaimed RiME has been cracked less than a week after it was released (the game was protected by Denuvo). The game’s publisher, Grey Box, promised in a Steam Community announcement that they would drop the controversial anti-tamper solution the moment it stopped working as intended, so we expect an official announcement on that matter soon.

Since the game’s publisher is willing to drop the much maligned software protection solution, here at Gaming on PC we would like to ask players who avoided Tequila Works‘ adventure title out of dislike for Denuvo to do the right thing and restrain themselves from illegally downloading RiME. After all, as we’ve previously said, boycotting a game because we don’t agree with its developers’ DRM choices is fine, but pirating it sends the wrong message.

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