Risk of Rain 2 Leaving Early Access in August

The team at Hopoo Games revealed today that Risk of Rain 2 will leave Early Access and launch as a completed product on August 11th.

As a reminder, according to their Early Access description, the game will get a price increase on that date, so if you wish to pick it up for the current price (US$19.99) you might want to hurry.

Hello gamers,

It’s finally time -we are super excited to announce that we are launching the 1.0 version of Risk of Rain 2 on Steam on August 11th.

Early Access has felt like a crazy ride through uncharted space, and we can’t thank you all enough for supporting us over the last year and a half. We’ve had great fun steering through Early Access together, and we will always be thankful for the patience and excitement our community has displayed. We will have more information on the Console launch of 1.0 in the future – but it should follow a very similar cadence to the previous console launches.

As always, thanks for the amazing support – and we can’t wait to share the 1.0 update with everyone. See you then!

Hopoo Games Team

This is what will be added to the game with the 1.0 update:

  • New Survivor, The Captain: Brought to life through 60,000 community votes in April, The Captain joins the crew as the tenth playable character. The Captain controls the battlefield with utility and damage – with help from the Survivors’ orbiting dropship, the UES Safe Travels. He wields a shotgun-rifle combo that narrows the spread as it charges and can stun targets. The Captain can also leverage his high-ranking authority to request probes and beacons from orbit to either provide armor or a healing zone for him and his allies. 
  • New Stage, Monsters and Hidden Boss: A new stage brings your escape run to its natural conclusion: The Moon! Can you survive new lunar monsters and face off against the Final Boss? 
  • Server Browser: The new Server Browser improves the matchmaking experience. Join or create your own dedicated servers with options such as difficulty, rule voting, password protection and more.
  • New Items: Add a chance to fire magma balls on-hit with Molten Perforator, or drain your opponent’s life bars into yours with Super Massive Leech – just two of the latest additions in the game’s arsenal of more than 110 items. 
  • New Skill Variants and Lore Entries: Complete challenges in game to unlock even more skill variants for Survivors, adding even more strategic potential for Survivors and team composition.

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