River City Ransom: Underground out on PC This Month

Developers Conatus Creative announced yesterday that their retro inspired Beat Em’ Up River City Ransom: Underground will be launched on February 27th.

River City Ransom: Underground is a free roaming multi-player fighting action RPG set in a hand-drawn pixel universe.

Lead the Flock through the streets of River City, hunting down evil bosses, shopping for the latest gear, and training hard in the dojo. It’s an old-fashioned, jet-fuelled frame-up! You’ll join Alex, Ryan, and a whole cast of new characters in your struggle to bring Slick to justice and clear your name. But be careful: nothing is as it seems.

River City Ransom: Underground Features:

  • Over 100 hand-drawn levels
  • 8+ Heroes, each with dozens of unique fighting moves
  • An open world where you fight, shop, and upgrade your characters’ abilities
  • 10 tenacious and varied enemy gangs to conquer
  • Local or online multiplayer co-op campaign story
  • Local or online multiplayer arena fighting mode
  • Super-responsive peer-to-peer (P2P) networking technology

The title will support Windows, Linux and Mac from the get go, and the developers don’t know if they will be able to offer preorders before launch or not, as they are a quite small team and don’t have the manpower to take care of this at the moment.

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