Rocket Arena Gets July 14 Release Date

Final Strike Games‘ 3vs3 rocket-powered shooter Rocket Arena is now published by Electronic Arts, and it will arrive on Steam and Origin on July 14th.

Players can already preorder this explosive title on Steam for US$29.99 (or US$39.99 for an extra snazzy Mythic Edition)

Welcome to a world where the rules are written in rocket fuel.

Rockets rule everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you’re never out of the action. Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion! Adapt your strategy with an ever-growing roster of diverse heroes with distinctive powers. Unearth new strategies and tactics based on your squad, explore a wide variety of dynamic maps, and discover the true depth of rocket gameplay.

The reveal trailer gave me a strong Smash X Overwatch vibe, so I’m actually pretty interested in this one.

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