Rocket League Dropping Support for macOS and Linux in March

Psyonix announced today that they plan to drop support for Rocket League on macOS and Linux in March, removing online functionality for the title in those platforms. Bit of an own goal, isn’t it?

According to the company, this is happening because they need to adapt to use new technologies, which seemingly make their support of macOS and Linux harder than it was in the past. Players who currently enjoy the game on macOS or Linux will be forced to use the Windows version through Boot Camp or Steam Proton, though Psyonix doesn’t officially support either option.

After the final patch, the following offline features should function as expected:

  • Local Matches
  • Split-Screen Play
  • Garage/Inventory (Your existing items will not be removed from your inventory)
  • Career Stats
  • Replays
  • Steam Workshop Maps (Must be downloaded before final patch)
  • Custom Training Packs (Must be downloaded before final patch)

After the final patch, the following online features will no longer function:

  • Online Matchmaking
  • Private Matches
  • Tournaments
  • Rocket Pass
  • Item Shop / Esports Shop
  • In-Game Events
  • Friends List
  • Clubs
  • News Panel
  • New Custom Training Packs
  • New Steam Workshop Maps
  • Leaderboards
  • League Rankings

This news comes as a bit of a surprise, considering that last year Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games, and according to their press release at that time, this move would enable them to better support the game. I doubt that Linux/macOS gamers would agree with Psyonix there, considering that they purchased a game that ran natively on their operating system and are now forced to use third party tools to get it to run online.

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