Rutger Hauer Stars in Cyberpunk Adventure >observer_

Bloober Team (creators of Layers of Fear) have just announced that screen legend Rutger Hauer will star in their upcoming cyberpunk adventure >observer_. The acclaimed Dutch actor will lend his appearance and voice to Detective Daniel Lazarski, a member of a corporate funded police force known as Observers who can hack suspects’ minds in order to gather evidence.

Players will be able to play as Detective Lazarski on August 15th, when >observer_ launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The year is 2084. If you somehow survived the Nanophage, odds are you were killed in the War. Those who live have turned to drugs, VR, neural implants — anything to distract themselves from this new reality. You are Daniel Lazarski, an elite neural detective known as an Observer, and part of a corporate-funded police unit whose purpose is to hack and invade suspects’ minds. In this future, anything you think, feel, or remember can be used against you in a court of law.

When you receive a mysterious message from your estranged son, a high-level engineer for the almighty Chiron Corporation, you journey to the seedy Class C slums of Krakow to investigate. But as you hack into the unstable minds of criminals and victims to look for clues, you are forced relive their darkest fears. How far will you go to discover the truth?

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