Sci-fi drone racing Thick Air gets trailer, September release date

PeopleGottaPlay, an independent Russian developer working on Unreal Engine 4 projects, has announced that their non violent sci-fi drone racing simulator Thick Air will get an Early Access release in September.

The developer also released some screenshots and a gameplay video for your enjoyment.

From their F.A.Q.


Only machines left behind, simulating the life they once knew, built for one purpose – RACE. PeopleGottaPlay are happy to present THICK AIR – non-violent sci-fi drone racing sim inspired by the glorious automobile era of late XX century.


  • You get to race on your own, with a friend or in a pack! Single race, single career, head-to-head splitscreen duel, or online multiplayer!
  • Physics-driven flight model, no BS! Get a gamepad handy.
  • Brutal AI!
  • Various race modes – circuit, sprint, duel, stunt, sudden death, time trial etc.
  • Deserts, canyons, tunnels, cities – various environments for your enjoyment!
  • Headbanging sountrack!
  • VR support (completely optional) – both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have been tested to work perfectly.

What we have planned

  • Visual customization – skins, decals, vinyls AND parts
  • Drone performance tuning
  • Drone damage
  • Free roam mode
  • Community features
  • HOTAS support


PeopleGottaPlay on the web:



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