Sean Murray reveals No Man’s Sky PC version download size and release time

No Man’s Sky was released on August 9 for PS4, but the PC version suffered a last minute delay to the 12th, which we reported here.

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray confirmed today that the PC version of the game won’t get a preload, but the download size is quite small (2.6gb) so that shouldn’t matter to most gamers out there (our heart goes out to those with slower Internet download speeds) Mr. Murray also confirmed that the game will be available on the daily Steam Store update time (10 AM PST)

We expect to have a full PC port report shortly after the game is out. Right now the only thing we know about the game’s PC version is that there is a FOV slider. Hopefully everything will turn out OK and the hard working team at Hello Games will finally be able to get some rest after working non stop to release No Man’s Sky in time.

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