Sega Teases Bayonetta PC Release

Earlier today, Sega and PlatinumGames released a game titled 8-Bit Bayonetta on Steam. While the timing is perfect for an early April Fools’ Day joke, it seems that the game is actually a teaser for a PC port of the acclaimed third person action title. Poking around at 8-Bit Bayonetta‘s achievements grants us access to a link, which points to a Sega owned website, featuring a currently broken countdown clock, a Bayonetta background, and a “coming soon” title.

Bayonetta PC release teaser

According to the website’s code, the countdown would end on April 11th.

 // countdown SETUP start
    var setting = {
        counter: {
            lastDate: '04/11/2017 08:00:00', // target date settings, 'MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS'
            timeZone: PDT,
// countdown SETUP end

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