Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Leaves Early Access Today

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope will leave Early Access today, after eleven months in open development. In order to celebrate this major milestone, the acclaimed virtual reality shooter will get a 25% off discount for a limited time.

Developers Croteam have constantly improved Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope during its Early Access phase, regularly adding new weapons, powerups, game modes, playable environments and weapon upgrades. The final update introduces a new playable character (Serious Sammy) as well as randomly generated missions, promising endless replayability in eight action packed Arena levels.

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be Serious Sam? Have you ever wanted to fight Mental’s alien hordes with your own two hands? Well, now you can! Step into the shoes of the Earth Defense Force’s greatest hero in this unique VR simulation based on Sam Stone’s own log files from his time as captain of the Battlecruiser Saratoga. Experience the missions that turned Captain Stone into the legend that he is today.

Game modes:

Arena – This mode allows players to enjoy endless variety thanks to randomly generated waves of enemies that ensure every playthrough is completely different. Players are challenged with 8 arenas consisting of 4 waves, each playable on 20 difficulties. Beating an arena difficulty awards a weapon upgrade icon.

Endless Wave  In this mode players will face an endless wave of enemies, trying to stay alive as long as possible, and get bragging rights over their peers via global leaderboards.

Daily Challenge  Endless wave on the arena map of the day, where each day a new set of enemies is served so that everyone playing faces exactly the same challenge and competes against the rest of the world.

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