Shadow Warrior 2 Gets Huge Way of the Wang Update

After delivering one of this year’s best shooters, developers Flying Wild Hog haven’t been sitting idle, twiddling their thumbs. No sir, they are hard at work, patching Shadow Warrior 2 and adding new free content. Today, the team has released a big update, which lets players access a new playable area in the game’s hub town, and adds special trials that must be overcome in order to be able to obtain new loot and improved crafting capabilities.

Way of the Wang DLC content:

*Seven Brutal Trials

*New Crafting Modes

*Infuse Gem – merge gem with weapon, available after finishing two Trials of Infusion

*Purify Gem – remove negative stats from gem, available after finishing two Trials of Purification

*Embed Gem – upgrade base weapon stats, available after finishing two Trials of Embedding

*New Weapon: Fist of Gozu. Finish Trial of the Ancient God to receive this powerful weapon

*Five New Achievements

*Three new difficulty Tiers for Insane difficulty

Updates Include:

Photo mode:
– Fixed photo mode camera orientation reset when changing fov

Engine fixes:
– Fixed ‘Saved Games’ relocation
– Corrected blade intersection test
– Fixed missing shadows after changing a map or weather
– Gamepad sensitivity curve adjustments

Gameplay fixes:
– Fixed blob transformation when he is electrocuted
– Fixed Warlord force slash bug
– Fixed incorrect Vanish behavior
– ‘Plasmoid’ camera clipping fixed
– Pickup item disappearing on hard landing fixed
– Alt weapon ammo counter fixed
– Mech: fix for minigun and grenades killing other enemies
– Fixes for places where player could get stuck
– Added missing minimaps
– Fixed ‘Second Chance’ skill trigger on Blob transformation
– Various audio fixes

Multiplayer fixes:
– Fixed rotation of some quest items
– Fixed damage caused effects for other co-op players
– Fixed a bug where co-op partners get level up while still in loading process
– Fixed disappearing weapon after cutscenes in some circumstances
– Some optimizations
– Fixed quest sword not showing up for clients
– Fixed barrier not spawning when fighting the last boss
– Fixed a situation in which client is blocked in hub after he is teleported to a cutscene from active mission
– Fixed chi and health not regenerating while in hub for client that teleporting to a cutscene
– Fixed client spawning outside of temple when dying during the fight with acolytes
– Fixed a possibility for a client to be forcibly teleported to a level from hub
– Fixed quest giver Kamiko not spawning for clients in hub area
– Fixed client block on 018kmh after last cutscene
– Fixed door sigil for clients
– Fixed taking damage from neutral opponents
– Fixed anvil not showing for clients
– Fixed Kamiko’s spikes remaining on map for clients
– Fixed an issue with client seeing closed vault doors after he joined during a cutscene

– Levels of other players are visible on their avatars
– Players will get notifications via multiplayer chat about teammate’s death, level up, connecting and disconnecting



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