Shortest Trip to Earth Getting Early Access Release in October

Interactive Fate‘s upcoming roguelike spaceship simulator Shortest Trip to Earth will get an Early Access launch on October 9th. We don’t have a price yet, but gamers looking forward to the next game created by the mind behind Teleglitch might want to wishlist it on Steam right away.

Created by the writer of the acclaimed Teleglitch: Die More EditionShortest Trip to Earth is a roguelike spaceship simulator focusing on exploration, ship management, real-time tactical combat and last but not least, game-influencing decision making. All these big words mean that we’ll have to embark on a long journey across procedurally generated space, choosing our battles whenever we can, and engaging in action packed combat sequences when there are no other options available. Hostile ships can even attempt to board our ship, and the depths of space will even offer even more danger with the arrival of inter-dimensional creatures hell-bent on our destruction.

A modular ship customization system will give us even more control over our starship, letting us upgrade ship modules, weapons, perks, crew members, drone systems and even pets. Multiple choice events will pop up from time to time, letting us shape our journey in hundreds of different ways.

Oh, and did we mention permadeath? Shortest Trip to Earth is a roguelike, so once our ship is destroyed, that’s it, game over. Of course this doesn’t mean that we’ll lose EVERYTHING, since there’s a perk system that will give us better chances of survival on our next run.

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