Shrine II Hits Steam on September 22

Scumhead, developer of the excellent Shrine Doom 2 total conversion (which also got a standalone Steam release) revealed this week that Shrine II will hit Valve’s distribution platform on September 22nd, as a free download.

I played the original Shrine recently, and while it was a relatively short affair, I was thoroughly impressed by its atmosphere and inventive weaponry. Apparently, the sequel will be bigger, so I’m quite hyped for this Steam release (the mod version of Shrine II is available on Moddb if you can’t wait for the Steam edition)

Shrine II is a first person shooter made in the Doom engine!

Battle the nightmarish eldritch horde as Tusk, the skinless monstrosity!

Annihilate a variety of horrific enemies with a load of unique and strange weapons.

Travel through a variety of levels set in a retro Gothic Lovecraftian world!

Over 20 Weapons to rampage your way through the Elder World!

30 Enemies to Blast into giblets!

6 Challenging bosses to defeat!

Secrets around every corner!

32 challenging but fair levels to test your might against the eldritch Horde!

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