Sifu Gets New Gameplay Trailer, 2022 Release Window

Sloclap has just released a new gameplay video for Sifu, showcasing the title’s action packed combat and confirming a small delay to early 2022 (the game was originally scheduled for late 2021, but with the current pandemic throwing wrenches into everyone’s plans, this slight delay is very understandable).

If the combat and the overall aesthetic of the game remind you of something, it’s probably Absolver, Sloclap‘s previous title which also had a similar thing going on (and was a genuinely good time if you could get past some technical issues). Sifu seems to have ditched the online component, and I couldn’t be happier about it, as for all the great fights I had while facing human opponents in Absolver, that was also its main source of tech trouble.

Is one life enough to have Kung Fu?

In Sifu, you play a young Kung-Fu student on a path of vengeance.
Running after shadows from his past, one against all, he will have to draw deep into his unique mastery of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu to prevail.

On the path of vengeance:

The hunt for your enemies will take you through the hidden corners of the city, from the gang-ridden suburbs to the cold hallways of the corporate towers. You have got one day, and countless enemies on your way. Time will be the price to pay.

Adaptation is the way:

Careful positioning and clever use of the environment to your advantage are key to your survival. Use everything at your disposal: throwable objects, makeshift weapons, windows and ledges… The odds are stacked against you, and you will be offered no mercy.

Training never ends:

Kung Fu is a path for the body and the mind. Learn from your errors, unlock unique skills, and find the strength within yourself to master the devastating techniques of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu.

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