Sir, You Are Being Hunted developer announces new Sci-Fi game

Big Robot (of Sir, You Are Being Hunted fame) has announced that they are working on a new Sci-Fi singleplayer first person exploration and combat game which will be released at some point in 2017 for PC and Mac.

Their new game, known as The Signal From Tölva will transport players to a world of pulp science fiction in which they will attempt to unravel the mystery of an unknown signal that attracts the attention of warring robot factions.

Excerpts from their press release follow:

The Signal From Tölva is a journey into a wild science fiction landscape, filled with danger and beauty: you must survive terrible hazards, navigate through impossible spaces, and fight an ongoing battle to control this haunted, blighted world. You will make use of a range of powerful tools to overcome your enemies and uncover secrets: hack robots to battle alongside you, equip powerful weapons, and detonate savage defence systems.

Fight, explore, and solve the mystery of The Signal From Tölva!


– Explore a single-player shooter set in a sprawling, hand-crafted landscape.
– Delve into science fiction mystery as you explore the haunting highlands.
– Fight a war of territory control against dynamic and ferocious AI.
– Recruit robots to fight alongside you.
– Equip electronic countermeasures, plasma shields, and savage beam weapons for intense skirmishing.


The Signal From Tölva has been in development for two years and Big Robot have been privileged to work with the legendary Ian McQue (Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V) in formulating the game’s visual style. The game’s rich science fiction universe will be further developed in a lore book and prologue novella authored by Cassandra Khaw (Hammers On Bone).

I enjoyed Sir, You Are Being Hunted‘s tense mixture of stealth and exploration, though I found it quite repetitive after a few hours. Big Robot‘s new game seems more focused, and the screenshots show an attractive alien world.



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