Six Days in Fallujah Returns With a New Developer

Eleven years after its apparent cancellation, Six Days in Fallujah is back in development, helmed by Highwire Games and published by Victura.

While the original developer went under in 2011, its CEO is at the helm of Victura, so there is some continuity there. Otherwise, this is a new game using the name of the cancelled title, though another thing it shares with its unreleased predecessor is the fact that it’s being made with the help of more than a hundred people (US Marines/Army, as well as Iraqui civilians) who were present during the Second Battle for Fallujah. The developers will include documentary interview footage along with the game in order to better tell these stories.

Six Days in Fallujah is a first-person tactical military shooter that recreates true stories of Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who fought Al Qaeda during the toughest urban battle since 1968.

Lead a fireteam through accurately recreated encounters from the real battle, built with technology that brings you closer to the uncertainty and tactics of real combat than any other game has explored until now. Each mission is narrated by a real person, while you experience these same moments as if you were them.

Experience how modern combat is really fought, through the eyes of those who were actually there.

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