Slain! gets total overhaul, concept gif for Slain 2 released in celebration

Slain!, a gorgeous action platformer that was released back in March to mediocre user and critic reviews, has been updated to address the issues that marred its original launch.

The development team, Wolf Brew Games, also offered extra copies of the game to early supporters who waited for the fixes since the game’s original release date.

The long-gestating update for Slain about to drop!

As a burnt offering and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to those that have been with us from the start – at 11am PDT/1pm CDT/7pm GMT we’re giving each and every pre-existing purchaser of Slain on Steam a free gifting code, so you can bestow a copy on your most hardcore gamer buddy. But the update is live now!

In order to reflect the changes, the team renamed the game to Slain: Back from Hell, and published a lengthy changelog that details the work that went into redesigning the game to be more enjoyable.

The game’s lead designer, Andrew Gilmour, celebrated the update’s release with a concept gif for Slain 2.

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