Slayer Shock out now

Independent developer Minor Key Games has unleashed their latest creation on Steam. Titled Slayer Shock, the newest game from the development team that brought Eldritch and Neon Struct to life is a role-playing shooter in which players must hunt down vampires and rescue civilians in danger.

Operating from your headquarters at a college coffee shop, you take missions to patrol the streets, rescue captive humans, and weaken the undead threat. A team of fellow vampire slayers assists you from HQ, providing new weapons, skills, and research.

According to the game’s official description, missions and campaigns are organized as television episodes or complete seasons, a format that feels strangely apt for a videogame about hunting vampires.

Slayer Shock is out now on Steam, Humble Store and for US$ 19.99. Every purchase includes the game’s soundtrack as well.

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